Great Outdoor Home Improvement Projects for the Winter

When it is cold outside there are only a few outdoor projects you can even do. Winter brings problematic conditions not only to your home but also your yard. You don’t want to sit around all winter so here’s a few outdoor projects that can still be done.

ice on roof and gutters

Do you love to watch the birds and miss them during the winter? Birds still need food and water and winter is the perfect time to set up a bird bath or clean the one you already have. Bird baths cost around $35. If you are worried about the water freezing and you can’t afford a heated bird bath just put hot water into your bird bath or install a bird bath drip. This is a hose that puts fresh water into the bird bath. The hoses can run about $25 and up.

Winter means cold and snow for most of us. If you have a rock or gravel driveway or sidewalk/pathway now is the perfect time to add more rocks and gravels and fill in the holes. The rocks or gravel don’t freeze as easily as the concrete pathways and the rigid terrain is easier to get a grip on causing fewer accidents. A truck load of rocks or gravels cost about $50. The winter is the perfect time to fill in the patches because prices go down.

gutter cleaning

If winter brings snow to your area you need to make sure your gutters are clean. You don’t want water backing up or freezing in your gutters. Repairs can be more costly than the free time you take to clean the leaves out of the gutters.

Winter is also the time to clean any left over leaves away from your foundation and outside air unit. Leaves and twigs are breeding grounds for termites. You also don’t want mold to build up on the leaves over the winter. This may cause you allergies.

If you don’t like working outdoors in the winter time go indoors for home improvement projects. You can always build a bookshelf or paint a room for under $50. Winter is a good time to redecorate the house. Curtains, bedding, and towels go on sale in the winter. You can buy summer colors for at least half off and cheer yourself up instead of using the dark winter colors.

Winter is the best time to caulk the inside of your house. You will easily be able to tell where the cold air is coming in your house at. Buy a tube of caulk for about $5 and while you are sitting around your house feeling drafts check them out and put a bead of caulk around the crack. I like to smooth the bead with my finger and use a wet cloth for clean up. You will have a professional looking job for minimal cost.