Top 5 Winter-Related Problems

In some countries, winter can be the most problematic season of the whole year, not because they make you shiver and you cannot enjoy your best moments outside of the house. Besides it can create some major problems for your house functionality as well. Winter related damage is the third largest cause of property damage according Information released by various research institutions.


Winter is associated with various dangers to your home’s landscape, roofing, gutter system, and more. Apart from that, it is uncomfortable type of weather to most people. Here are some of the dangers associated with winter.

1. Ruin your landscape

Though snow can create a beautiful landscape outside your house, but excess amount of snow and ice can be a problem for your exterior look. It will cover your sidewalks and driveways and your potted plants as well. Your beautiful backyard will turn white, while your well-mowed lawn is buried a few feet below the snow. I’m sure no one desires this. Clearing your sidewalks and driveways is a good idea when it snows, it helps you moving out continuously and doesn’t limit to the house only.

2. Frozen pipes

Frozen pipes can cause the burst on your piping system, which is surely not a fun and can create a real mess. During winter you can’t just assume that the water will flow naturally without thinking of freezing pipes. To protect from such happening be sure to drain all water from outdoor hoses and turn off the outside water lines and drain the standing water in the pipe. You can also prevent them by wrapping them with insulated material.

3. Protect your water heater

During the winter, you are likely to use a lot of energy to heat water for the family. Sometimes, if you are not careful, your water heater might freeze and this might inconvenience you. To keep your water heater from freezing, place an insulation jacket around the heater to make it work properly. Because heater is a must use device in the winter season and it should be keep on working to provide us warm water.

4. Protect the roof

Ice dams are an accumulation of the ice at the lower edge of a slopped roof. Water can run down and freeze the roof’s edge. To reduce the risk of ice dam forming, make sure your gutters are clear and leave for debris. Keep the attic well ventilated so snow doesn’t melt and refreeze the roof’s edge. If you don’t do this early enough, the ice might damage your roof or be too much for you to handle.

5. Protect from fire

Fire is a big cause of damage during the winter. Are you wondering where fire will come from during such chilling days? If you have a fireplace, then it’s time to clean the chimney to avoid build up of flammable creosote.


Winter is associated with various dangers to your home. Apart from dealing with the problems when they come, it’s advisable to prepare early enough for the winter season.