Top 6 Tips to Make Your Kitchen Seem Big

You surely love the cooking shows and wish you could look like a top chief in the glossy looking kitchen with neat and clean background. It is an ideal condition for the kitchen to be big enough to make it look more elegant and organize but in real life it is not so possible to have a big kitchen in small house.


As the houses starts to shrink because of having numerous things in it, the kitchen also become small and seems to more like a creepy nightmare. But don’t let your small kitchen limit your dreams; there are many ideas that can make your kitchen environment amazing.

1. Add the illusion of more space

We all know that mirrors can make the size double of any room, mirrored backsplashes help reflect the light and view become more spacious. The only thing you have to take care is to clean it regularly. Note that installing mirrored backsplashes isn’t expensive but can help you to create an illusion of a bigger room effectively.

2. Put Baskets Above Cabinets

The space between the cabinets and roof is sometimes looks awkward, but some kitchen owners use it as a valuable commodity to utilize. You can store your seasonal kitchen appliances at the top to free up your counter. Also, if you have baskets, you can store them above the cabinets instead of hanging them on the walls.

3. Compact appliances

If your kitchen is small, that doesn’t mean you should never buy or have kitchen appliances. Many manufacturers in the market are now introducing the appliances with same features but in a more compact size. It is also wise to opt for appliances that are multipurpose. This will help you to save both space and money.

4. Use of The Wall

Don’t let anything go to waste in your kitchen area, you can use every usable space but in a more decent way. Hanging of utensils or any other appliances can rapidly increase the space in your kitchen area and let you celebrate a spacious environment for your cooking. But you should avoid hanging big items on walls as these can hinder free movement in the kitchen.

5. Storage with Pullout Pantry

Believe it or not, your kitchen can store more than you think, you just have to utilize the gaps between appliances and make some pullout pantry between. These pantries can sure store amazing amount of jars or any other canned goods.

6. Use light colors to help to visually expand the kitchen space

Having lighter colors in your kitchen will make it feel large. If there is a good view out a window, will also help to brighten your kitchen and make it appear larger than usual. Beside, you can keep an especially light palette on backsplashes, countertops, walls, and millwork to help your small kitchen feel more open.


Everyone desires a spacious kitchen. However, not every house has big kitchen. Follow these tips to make your kitchen appear large.